Well, that’s that.

My last female moth died today.  It seems fitting because we also took down the show this afternoon.  The project is complete.

I am by no means done with silk or silkworms but sericulture will have to go on the back burner for a while as I pursue other aspects of my studies at NSCAD.  This experience was so wonderful, aggravating at times and sad at others, but overall amazing, and I’m so grateful to be attending a school that allows me the freedom to pursue crazy, ambitious projects, and the resources to succeed.  NSCAD is an amazing community and I wouldn’t have been able to do everything I did this summer without the support of our wonderful faculty, technicians, security guards (you guys saved my project during the blackout, thank you), fellow students and everyone else who helps make this place tick.

I also wouldn’t have been able to get this project off of the ground were it not for the radio spot on Information Morning, and the subsequent flood of support (and mulberry leaves) from the community.  Halifax is such a wonderful city!

I can’t think of what else to say except that I feel very fortunate to be able to pursue work that I love and I’m excited to see what comes next.  Now that the project is done, I won’t be updating this blog unless something relevant comes up.  I will leave the blog up as a record though (I still need to update my studio work pages to reflect the rest of the work that I did).  If you want to see more of my artwork and keep up to date on my other projects check out my personal art blog gretapepper.tumblr.com that I try to update semi-regularly.

Well, I think thats it.  Thanks for reading!




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